About Us

Silver Legends is the division of a family-owned business located in Manassa, Colorado. Our sister company is a sterling silver manufacturing company that has been in business since 1975. We take great pride in our unique designs and creativity, as well as product quality and service to our customers. All of Silver Legends, Inc. jewelry is made with deox sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloys. It is totally different from plated silver (which is not silver at all, it is merely a thin silver electroplate over some other very inexpensive base metal). Our deox sterling silver has less copper alloy in it than regular sterling silver, giving it a much longer shelf life. Deox sterling silver tarnishes very little, it will get dirty from the environment, but will wipe right off.

All of Silver Legends jewelry has a quality mark (which shows the pure silver content) & trademark on the inside of the jewelry, which tells where and who the manufacturer is. Our trademark is a fox head, which is a federally registered trademark. Any jewelry marked with this trademark, can be traced back to us from anywhere in the world. The quality mark is ster; all of our jewelry is marked with this. If you want to tell if a piece of jewelry is real sterling silver, check for a quality mark. If there is no quality mark, it is not sterling silver. All of our jewelry is handcrafted cast sterling silver jewelry.

We at Silver Legends are prepared and equipped to serve you and your needs in all aspects of doing business based on your category of merchandising. Our email staff is ready & willing to answer any questions you may have & help you find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us with your questions. You can call our customer service at 888-404-8342 for help as well.