Colors and Meanings

Listed below are the inlay materials we use in our jewelry lines.

Lapis – Dark navy blue. Man made material. We also have Natural Lapis that comes from Afghanistan.

Coral – Red to orange in color. Natural from Italy.

Sugilite – Purple in color. Man made material.

Malachite – Green in color. Natural material that comes from South Africa.

Black – Man made resin.

Opal Colors – Made from a process using silica – comes from Hong Kong, more durable than natural opal, much more consistent in color, about as expensive. Opal Colors available are white, blue, pink, lavender, red, green, and orange. These Opal colors have an iridescense to them all. Laboratory Grown Opal.

Wild Horse – Natural brown to white material. The white is magnasite and the brown is Hematite. Comes from mines in Nevada.

Spiny Oyster – Orange to red in color. It is a fresh water mussel shell. Comes from rivers such as the Mississippi River.

Yellow Lip Mother of Pearl – Salt water mussel shell. Range in color from the lip which is yellow to the main shell which is white. Has a slight iridescence to it.

Turquoise – Authentic Turquoise. We use both stabilized and natural turquoise.

K-Four Color Chip – Turquoise chip, coral chip, lapis chip, & malachite chip all mixed together for a unique look.

Alternate – Turquoise chip, black resin, coral chip, & white resin. One color per channel in an alternating sequence.

Multi – Turquoise chip, black resin, coral chip, & white resin. More than one color per channel creating a specific color scheme.

T – Authentic Turquoise Chip

C – Coral Chip Natural

L – Imitation Lapis Chip

J – Natural Lapis Chip

K – Four Color Chip:
Authentic Turquoise, Lapis, Coral & Malachite

H – Wild Horse Chip

MOP – Mother of Pearl Chip Natural

U – Imitation Sugilite Chip

Z – Malachite Chip Natural

W – White Imitation Opal Chip

B – Blue Imitation Opal Chip

P – Pink Imitation Opal Chip

O – Orange Imitation Opal Chip

R – Red Imitation Opal Chip